Today is the anniversary of Paul Hourihan’s passing. We are honoring him on this significant day with some of his Words of Wisdom.

Paul Hourihan, teacher, mystic, author

As Within So without

If you want the world to be changed, then change yourself. If you want to find perfect humanity, then perfect yourself.

You have everything within you.

As within, so without. This is the ultimate mystic statement that we can grasp with our minds.


We create our own temptations and our own ways out of them–the drama of the Self. Everything is within! The outer world only provides implements, materials, occasions, people, for the inner reality to enact itself.


In spiritual life, we have found that life, as we know it, is a prison. Now we are in the process of trying to find the escape route. It’s not only an escape from something, but also an escape into something—into an enlightened consciousness and new identity.

Paul Hourihan, excerpt from Children of Immortal Bliss


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