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Reach the Shores of SELF-Discovery through the Publications and Writings of award-winning author Paul Hourihan. Our thought-provoking books help readers reach new shores of consciousness through greater self-understanding and SELF-discovery. They make the elevating ideas of mysticism and Vedanta more accessible by showing their practicality and relevance to our lives today.

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Our inspired works provide an oasis of spiritual guidance to individuals struggling for permanent values in an ever-changing, secular society. Our publications differ in genres (creative nonfiction, nonfiction books, and novels).

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Our Publications

Books for spiritual inspiration and guidance by award-winning author, mystic and teacher, Paul Hourihan, PhD.

What Readers are Saying

Jacob Nordby

Author, The Divine Arsonist

"I’m grateful that Paul and Anna Hourihan have shared ancient teachings with the modern world so beautifully."

Laura Ramirez

Author, Keepers of the Children

"Hourihan’s voice comes through with such clarity that one feels that he is there to guide one personally, like a wise teacher whose presence illuminates an ocean of self-insight."


Thoughts to Consider

Buddha, The Bodhisattva

Buddha, the Bodhisattva by Paul Hourihan Buddha has given us the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, but the most valuable legacy he has left us is himself—his incomparable personality: his profound, unique compassion for humanity. He Read more…