Light through the branches

We are living in the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 global pandemic. At no other time have people all over the world been asked to stay at home and avoid contact with others because of a highly infectious virus. On all levels we are trying to cope. To help on a personal level we have included links to talks by spiritual guides and teachers to encourage you and help you through these challenging times.

But remember darkness cannot exist without light, so we should always look for the light in the situation. For example, the Quantarelli Formula states that the worse the situation is, the better people become. For example, people are reaching out and helping others who are not able to get out, and giving to charities for those affected by the situation.

Those of us who are required to stay at home have a wonderful opportunity to deepen our spiritual practice, which is one of the best ways to cope.

Helpful Links:

Here are some links for spiritual guidance on how to cope:

For a Vedantic perspective here are talks from Swamis Tyagananda and Sarvapriyananda:

Eckhart Tolle reminds us that times of adversity are also times of opportunity:

Caroline Myss reminds us that things can change in the blink of an eye: .

Here’s one more from Swami Atmajnanananda of the Vedanta Center of Greater Washington, DC:

We’ll get through this together–yet apart–and this too shall pass.


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