By Paul Hourihan

Of all the delusions the world imposes on us the worst is to make us believe it is an arena where Truth may be found.

                         “For here we have no continuing city….”   

– Saint Paul

Use the world to strengthen your mind and personality, deepen your understanding. Use the world for an education and a schoolroom, but never believe in its reality—it has none. Our kingdom is not of this world. We find ourselves in it, that is all.

If we only knew what we are, what we could do, what we might be!

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So, how do we gain truthfulness in this world of untruth?

By contemplation of the Truth itself! By the systematic contemplation of the Divine—the eternal and absolute reality. Otherwise, we are caught in the labyrinth of the untruth-grounded world of our environment, and there is no way out.

By subduing the untruth-oriented mind during meditation, the rivers of Truth drawn from the mind’s own spiritual center—the center of our being—will pour through that mind.