New Interpretations

Find out the unheralded influence of Ramakrishna’s life on our own times in this compelling study that compares the lives and teachings of the celebrated God-man of 19th century India and Jesus Christ.

This award-winning study by Paul Hourihan is aimed at readers open to a universalist, non-creedal approach to religion, and who are receptive to the truths of mysticism. It compares the lives and mysticism of Ramakrishna, the celebrated God-man of 19th century India, and Jesus Christ, the avatar of the West.

The author covers Ramakrishna’s life from his unique childhood to his remarkable marriage and beyond. He also allows us to see Christ in a new way—by interpreting his life from the standpoint of India’s yoga traditions and Vedanta philosophy.

This in-depth work helps us grasp the uniqueness and universal character of both of these supreme figures in each of two vast religious traditions. It provides a much-needed unifying message of the truth that forms the basis of all enduring faiths.

Written by an American, it is a compelling biography and introduction for Westerners to Ramakrishna’s life and its unheralded influence on our own time.

“A finely crafted book that brings sensitivity and psychological finesse to the interpretation of two towering figures in the history of spirituality. In understanding Ramakrishna, we may come to better understand Jesus of Nazareth, and vice versa…. a lovingly conducted contemplation, well befitting the subject. This book exemplifies comparative religion at its best.”

– Dr. Georg Feuerstein, author of The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga

BEST SPIRITUAL BOOK AWARD WINNER for 2002-2003, Northern California Publishers & Authors Assn (formerly Sacramento Publishers & Authors)

Ramakrishna & Christ The Supermystics

by Paul Hourihan
216 pages, ISBN: 978-1-931816-00-7
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