Mysticism in the Life and Writings of Walt Whitman – EBOOK

“At a time like this, Dr. Hourihan performs a valuable service by his courageous reaffirmation of what is of permanent value in the life and works of [Walt Whitman] one of the most original minds in American literature.”

Dr. V. K. Chari, author of Whitman in the Light of Vedantic Mysticism

In this fascinating study, Paul Hourihan explores how Walt Whitman’s spiritual revelations and struggles informed his most significant works—especially his ground-breaking poem “Song of Myself.” This eBook is based on the Whitman section of Mysticism in American Literature: Thoreau’s Quest and Whitman’s Self, with additional material added. It contains insightful and provocative interpretations of Whitman’s writing that will intrigue those who know Walt Whitman well … as well as those who are just being introduced to him.

Whitmans Self

by Paul Hourihan,
edited by Anna Hourihan
ISBN: 978-1-931816-16-8
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