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“…For newcomers, the book offers an engrossing introduction to a great Hindu mystic. By entering sympathetically into the well-documented spiritual life of this nineteenth century holy man, we should be able to understand better Jesus of Nazareth, his first-century precursor…. Paul Hourihan’s book is a glowing tribute to his knowledge of Hinduism. He is masterful in his command of the information he incorporates into his text. By his profound understanding of Ramakrishna, he has in the bargain introduced us to a Jesus more plausible than the one usually presented in theology textbooks and Sunday school classes.”
– James M. Somerville, The American Vedantist, Summer 2002

Hourihan’s wonderful book on Ramakrishna and Christ is both an excellent introduction to the 19th century Hindu mystic and an exploration of a key Hindu idea: the distinction between devotional and non-devotional spirituality (known as bhakti and jnani respectively)….

Ramakrishna and Christ, The Supermystics and Mysticism in American Literature provided much thought-provoking detail and discussion on mystics from America and India. They are an important contribution to many of the key issues in mysticism East and West, including the better understanding of the devotional/non-devotional difference in the spiritual life, the role of sexuality and renunciation, and the possibility for spiritual pluralism illustrated by that extraordinary religion: Hinduism.

 – Dr. Mike King, Network Review, Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, Winter 2004

In reading Ramakrishna and Christ, The Supermystics, I have been impressed by Mr. Hourihan’s in-depth knowledge of things related to Sri Ramakrishna, and the thought he has put into his analysis of the importance of the events of Sri Ramakrishna’s life…. He also draws parallels from the biblical accounts of the life of Jesus to show similarities of outlook between these spiritual giants….

He has done an excellent job of drawing from the biographical writings in the life of Sri Ramakrishna … and is not afraid to explore new interpretations, and the fact that he looks squarely at the shortcomings of both East and West, while at the same time appreciating the good points of each, shows that he is not a mere follower of either, but wants to find out how best ways to apply in his life the teachings of these masters expounded both with their words and by their lives.

For those familiar with the life of Sri Ramakrishna, this book will prove a thought provoking addition to their spiritual libraries.

  • Brother Simeon, Light of the Spirit Monastery, New Mexico

BEST SPIRITUAL BOOK AWARD WINNER for 2002-2003, Northern California Publishers & Authors Assn (formerly Sacramento Publishers & Authors)

NCPA Award Winner
Ramakrishna & Christ The Supermystics

by Paul Hourihan
216 pages, 9″x6” (Quality paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-931816-00-7
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